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C Tournoi interne Bois Gentil Genève 2019

Last update 25.12.2019 01:33:53, Creator/Last Upload: fédération genevoise des echecs

Player info

NameVerdon Michel
Starting rank1
Rating national1490
Rating international0
Performance rating1529


114Conte David1372SUI8,5w ½
22Braun Pierre1208SUI1,0w 1
33Genier Claude1448SUI8,5s 0
44Anthamatten Mario1369SUI9,0w 1
55Thompson Charles-William1185SUI0,0s 1
66Haensler Andreas1495SUI6,0w 1
77Fryc Oldrich1501SUI5,0s 1
88Schürch Bernard1370SUI7,0w 1
99Verdon Roland1371SUI6,0s 1
1010Niegemeier Karl-Léo1418SUI4,0w 1
1111Jung Gero1420SUI7,0s 0
1212Kacem Doris1423SUI7,5w ½
1313Crnojlovic Vojislav1459SUI12,5s 0
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