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International City Rapid Chess Tournament 2018

Last update 31.12.2018 00:04:22, Creator/Last Upload: trinidad and tobago ca (licence 1)

Starting rank

1FMHarper Ryan7700156TTO2191
2FMJoseph Marcus7700393TTO2144
3FMCupid Kevin7700512TTO2105
4FMCabralis Quinn7700440TTO2102
5FMJohnson Joshua7700768TTO2092
6Lee Hayden7700350TTO1897
7Bartholomew Kena7700911TTO1746
8Hunte Keelan7703210TTO1650
9Cowie FrankTTO0
10Barrack JuniorTTO0
11Casares Marcos3936813VEN0
12Garrido EfraimTTO0
13Martin JamalTTO0
14Mohammed RobertTTO0
15Richardson LariTTO0
16Roberts CarlTTO0
17Seepaul AaronTTO0
18Waldron MarcusTTO0
19Garner JacobTTO0
20Riter NathanTTO0
21Belafonta Anthony-LouisTTO0
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