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Liberia's National Chess Championship 2018 (open)

Last update 24.11.2018 19:30:23, Creator/Last Upload: lcf_national

Starting rank

1CMAnthony Waylea Jr.22600302LBR2028
2FMJacob Jallah22600124LBR1974
3FMBarcon Harmon22600078LBR1947
4James Tondo22600132LBR1884
5CMDaniel Kolliemelen22600086LBR1875
6Thomas Saah22600094LBR1751
7CMAbraham Kalokoh22600264LBR0
8Arnold Smith22600558LBR0
9Bobby Ballah22600531LBR0
10Christian Brownell22600493LBR0
11Elijah Dennis22600639LBR0
12James Bedell22600590LBR0
13Joel O. Ebiekuta22600671LBR0
14K. Zinnah Kengo22600647LBR0
15Marvis Kanbor22600604LBR0
16Melvin A. Weah22600485LBR0
17Michael J. Doe22600175LBR0
18Monyou N. Johnwaye22600540LBR0
19Morlue Kekula22600477LBR0
20Otis Z. Sehwah22600620LBR0
21Prince Jegbadai22600523LBR0
22 Sateyea E. Quaye22600612LBR0
23Wackey Capehart22600655LBR0
24Yallah Kekula Jr.22600663LBR0
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