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Clubcompetitie 'Het Trouwe Paard' Oostkamp

Last update 15.03.2019 22:44:35, Creator/Last Upload: west flanders chess federation license 3

Starting rank

1Piceu Kurt219843BEL2059362-Oostkamp
2Barzeele Raf204455BEL2013362-Oostkamp
3Piceu Jarid241911BEL1893362-Oostkamp
4Wydaeghe Peter232238BEL1818362-Oostkamp
5Boydens Wim237566BEL1817362-Oostkamp
6Rogiers Jonny220361BEL1792362-Oostkamp
7Mortier JanBEL1714362-Oostkamp
8Verleye William257699BEL1592362-Oostkamp
9Devos Johan235350BEL1574303-Kbsk Brugge
10Duyck RudyBEL1415362-Oostkamp
11Duc Wout250015BEL1388362-Oostkamp
12Debosschere ChristianBEL1305362-Oostkamp
13Gobert EtienneBEL1224362-Oostkamp
14Maertens FrankBEL1151362-Oostkamp
15Havelaerts JaronBEL0362-Oostkamp
16Mortier JonahBEL0362-Oostkamp
17Savels OlivierBEL0362-Oostkamp
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