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2018 VEXX Torurnament

Last update 09.09.2018 01:57:26, Creator/Last Upload: bcf1981

Starting rank

1Depradine Lawrence11100907BAR1776
2Harewood Othneil11100168BAR1723
3Barker Michael11100079BAR1692
4La Touche Cyprian11104651BAR1457
5Estwick Taiye11103914BAR1322
6Haynes Aaron11103590BAR1321
7Holder Tyson11103620BAR1278
8Hill Yeshua11103604BAR1187
9Wilson Louis11104368BAR1106
10Moore Gaybrianna11103760BAR1050
11Browne StephenBAR0
12Linton David11104660BAR0
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