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14th FIDE Online Arena Tournament

Last update 08.08.2018 20:58:08, Creator/Last Upload: bolivian federation of chess

Starting rank

1IMZpevak Pavel300586CZE2330
2IMTripolsky Eugen14110776GER2293
3Rinaudo Sergio816108ITA2108
4Rinaudo Andrea816574ITA1984
5Cellucci Alessandro884421ITA1915
6D Orta Antonio835153ITA1894
7Laming Ferdinand5219442PHI1840
8AFMRodriguez Leonardo3311015BOL1784
9Renzi Alessio2822585ITA1768
10Massafra Antonio821624ITA1710
11Atanes Neto Severiano2114682BRA1591
12WCMWen Kally30931100USA1158
13Zangarova Gabriela2927829FID1079
14AIMMozenic Iztok373199759ITA0
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