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2018 Central American & Caribbean Women Championships

Last update 03.08.2018 03:37:02, Creator/Last Upload: bcf1981

Starting rank

1WFMCastillo Morales Thais6507395CRC1978
2WFMMena Ailen Oriana3902773AHO1882
3WIMJohnson Gabriella7701128TTO1869
4WCMFigueroa Julissa7300450BAR1735
5WFMTjong Tjin Joe Kaithlyn8201293SUR1728
6WCMBlackman Katrina11100540BAR1622
7WFMKaslan Catherine8201390SUR1592
8WCMFrijde Reyna8200335SUR1531
9Greenidge Vanessa11103876BAR1482
10Lynch Jennika7703473TTO1389
11Cumberbatch Gabriela11102330BAR1349
12Murray Donna11102470BAR1321
13Johnson Azaria11103825BAR1284
14Eversley Kiarra11103426BAR1270
15Juma Chelsea Todevi19700695GUY0
16Shariff Sasha Christina19700687GUY0
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