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Tournoi d'indépendance

Last update 21.07.2018 18:17:19, Creator/Last Upload: burundi chess federation

Starting rank

1Mutabazi HuguesBDI2004The Champions
2Ntamatungiro Wilfried20300166BDI1984The Champions
3Derain Jeremie20300301BDI1782Strategy
4Ntagasigumwami Deo20300034BDI1712Strategy
5Ntibasame PatrickBDI1708Rukovungo
6Rama Ike-ValdoBDI1649Strategy
7Ryumeko Gilbert20300220BDI1617Rukovungo
8Mutoni Francis-Milord20300107BDI1544Strategy
9Ingabire Alain-MichelBDI1502The Champions
10Sangwa Christian-YannBDI1484The Champions
11Kwizera Francine20300280BDI1462The Queens
12Sangwa AxelBDI1459The Champions
13Nsabimana VictorBDI1450Strategy
14Nahimana YvonneBDI1428The Queens
15Nshimirimana KevinBDI1477
16Nkeshimana NobelBDI1472
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