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Victoria Chess Club August16 Rapid Play

Last update 21.08.2016 17:45:39, Creator/Last Upload: rstravens

Starting rank

1Stratonowitsch Andresey2125
2Porokopyev SergeySey1900
3Stravens Robertsey1699
4Balabanov Andresey1643
5Dagdeler Muratsey1602
6Butler Payette Andresey1476
7MaeChua Sheilasey1550
8Crea Elginphi1400
9Dupres Dariansey1400
10Abel Jeanne-Darcsey1161
11Hoaereau Elzasey1291
12Dupres Daniasey1185
13Moodely SatyaSey1109
14Lafortune AlexSey1250
15Hess Dominicsey1200
16Uledi Angelosey1200